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Our products are used across many industries and our customers have come to rely on our quality and service to meet their demanding requirements.  Contact us to find out how Ultratech Polymers can contribute to your success.

We provide products to many different markets and industries, such as:


  • Business Machines
  • Consumer
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Hospitality
  • Janitorial
  • Utilities
  • Banking and Security
  • Industrial
  • Electronics
  Our product line includes:


Stealth Stix On Vent
UltraScent Fragrance Stix

Working with a major manufacturer of safety, cleaning and maintenance supplies and equipment, we assisted in the development of a solid state fragrance system (Fragrance Stix), based on polymer diffusion. The Fragrance Stix sit on a specially designed plastic holder that can be strategically placed and inconspicuously mounted via its pressure sensitive adhesive backing. Placed within odor generating zones in an enclosed area, the Fragrance Stix produce a pleasant scent lasting 30 days strong. They currently come in 12-inch lengths; however, other lengths can be made to order. They are non-toxic, contain very low VOCs (volatile organic components), no asthmagens, no phenols (carcinogenic), and they are recyclable. They are currently available in four signature scents (Blue Waters, Lever, Orange Mango, Spiced Apple) but other scents can be incorporated as well upon request.

UltraScent Stealth Stix

Based on a patented proprietary technology (solid state diffusion) the UltraScent
 Stealth Stix are the first single component car vent air fresheners. This product consists of a flexible polymer that features a self-contained fragrance system, so there are no sprays or liquids that can spill or coat surfaces. They slide right on to the car vent providing a long lasting pleasant scent. Due to their design and color they blend in with the car vents and they are practically invisible...thus their name STEALTH. They have been formulated so that they do not affect the surface of the vents like other competitor products do. Due to their flexibility they can be cut to size to accommodate smaller vents. They are non-toxic, contain very low volatile components and they are recyclable.

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